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Feb 11, 2009
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I have 4 peafowl in one very large pen. One female india blue and one male india blue, one female white and one male emerald spaulding pied. will they match up naturally or do I still need to separate them out? will they each pick one hen( and pair up) or will they breed both females?
Males will mate with any willing female. Females get to choose who they want, and even then not always just one male either.

It could end up being any possible combination- females mate with both males.. either about equally or mostly with one, or just one(could be same male or each prefers one male) etc.
I dont have much experince with pefowl but both males will mate with both females and the chicks you get from one hen can be from both males
Peacocks will breed who eve they feel like, they don't pair up. You'll have to be careful of fighting. As long as you have Plenty of room, plenty of high and low spots that they can use to get away from each other, you should be alright..

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