Breeding season is finaly here!


8 Years
Feb 17, 2011
Rural Hall, NC
Hi everyone

My birds are breeding like rabits
. I have a 15 day old and a 45 day old baby now. One of my pairs are on eggs now and another geting ready to lay a second set. 2 weeks ago i wormed and give a electrolite soultion. Any thing else i should do?
I heard someone say to treat for PMV. What is PMV?

PMV(Paramyxovirus)is a virus pigeons get from hanging around with feral pigeons,but they can also get it other ways.There is no treatment for it,but the bird sometimes will recover on it's own after the virus has run it's course(4-6 weeks)There is a vaccine made that you inject in the bird and prevents birds getting sick for a year.PMV will wipe out an entire coop,unless you force feed and water each individual bird they die because they are unable to eat and drink on there own.
So Hook,what kind of pigeons are you breeding? I let mine breed year round. Lots of breeders don't but it doesn't seem tp hurt mine. I have Birminingham Rollers.
Hi Rollorman,
I raise picas. They are a sporting pouter. They have a habit to leave their young early. It is just now warm enough for the babies to sourvive.

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