Breeding Silver and White Appleyards


8 Years
Jun 28, 2011
Swansea, SC
I have one white Appleyard that Holderread's threw in when I ordered more Silvers for my flock. Anyone have any idea what will happen if I allow her to breed to a Silver drake? Is the white dominate, or will some Silvers hatch out?
we cull all ducks who are too dark or if we ever get a white popping up it too will be culled. Both dark and the whites can happen and are not acceptable per the standard. They make for a fine processed bird, but not something to keep and breed if you are focused on maintaining the breed per the APA SOP.
But if you did breed a white appleyard to another white would the offspring be all white or would there be some that have correct coloring ? Just wondering because mine all lay together and I haven't separated them out.
I will try that. But she lays with everyone else so I don't know which eggs are hers to not hatch. I'm just hope some would have proper markings . Thanks

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