Breeding Snowy x Butterscotch Calls?


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8 Years
Aug 2, 2011
I'm considering getting a butterscotch call drake since I think they are beautiful, and I have a couple snowy hens already. I'm curious, if I were to hatch the eggs, any idea what they would look like? I'm wondering if they would produce nice offspring or if this could throw some odd mix. If I should never hatch any eggs if I get a butterscotch, I may choose a different drake. I couldn't seem to find any info. They're primarily pets, but I think it would be fun to raise a few offspring here and there.

Thanks for any info!
Thanks for the replies! I am a bit embarrassed to admit that I did come across that calculator before posting this but I could not figure out how to read it.

I thought it meant all offspring would be light blue mallard (aleutian) but I couldn't see a picture of the drake. I'm not sure what the color morph is, or if I was even reading it right. I guess I was based on your response K&S, so thank you! This helps a little bit with giving me an idea what to expect. This little butter drake i'm looking at is just adorable, and has to be rehomed, so I think I'm going for it. These are my pets, but I look forward to hatching out a few ducklings from them someday.

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