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    Apr 20, 2015
    I have two Chocolate turkey,one male, and one female. I keep them locked up in a decently sized enclosure (they ran off once and got stolen). I ofter give them 3 hours, to roam, a day. What should I do to hve them breed successfuly? I'm most worried about a nest. Right now I have half a dog crate thingy that I hope the hen will nest in. Do I leave it so she can make a nest, or put stuff in it?
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    If you offer her an attractive place to nest and raise her babies they will basically do the rest. You should have thick bedding in the crate, as gallinaceous birds (poultry) do not build nests like other classes of birds; instead they find a place with already suitable materials and grasses and shape it into a nest.
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    As was mentioned, they really don't need a "nest" per se. What she will require is a secure, dry location and a way to teach the poults about food and water, if the hatch is staggered over three/four days. In Pic below, I've already moved the water and food further from the hen, as all eggs have hatched and poults have been shown by mama what to do (make sure waterer is securely anchored). Folding infant fences are handy to segregate hen/poults from toms, etc.. This works for about a week after hatch, after that the poults will be jumping up/flying right over this barrier. [​IMG] Now, to "tame down" the hen hatched/raised poults - get them used to eating from your hand (moths/cicadas are the favorites, here): [​IMG]
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