Breeds and egg sizes (static or do they vary per chicken)

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    Apr 9, 2008
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    I have noticed that my chickens always lay eggs that are about the same size. My Barred Rock Smokey's are always smallest. My Black Star Lafonda's are always biggest, My EE Lord Carbury's are always medium as are my RI's. Since I only have one of each breed I was wondering if this is dependant on breed or induviual chicken.

    I will be picking up a dozen or so chicks tomorrow to establish a laying flock. I like the BR's but don't want to get a bunch of small egg layers. I will be getting a mix no matter what, but will go light on breeds that are notoriously small egg layers. They said they think they will have BRs EEs Buff Orps and RIs. What mix would you get?
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    It is bird to bird for the sizes you get, but it can depend on strain, and age of bird too. Sometimes crosses will yield bigger and smaller eggs! Some birds like leghorns on average seem to have larger eggs in their 2nd year vs something like a BR in their 2nd year, but that is mainly due to strain and purpose of breeding in each. So it's gong to vary per chicken/breed/age/flock.

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