Breeds and Maybe Genders?


6 Years
Nov 30, 2013
Salisbury, Maryland
My grandmother brought us 8 bantam chicks. Sadly the two yellow grey ones in the picture passed away this morning. They were very small and I was worried about that. This morning other than those two there was one other one acting sluggish (one with a stripe) the others were standing in the food bowl and eating like pigs. Id like to know the breeds most but if genders could be guess that would be great. I how that when I go home the sluggish chick is better or if he passed hopefully the others are ok. Both of the yellow chicks were buried together this morning. Thanks for your help!

Yes of course and the one that was sluggish this morning passed sometime during the day. Chicks only a few days old tend to be fairly sluggish as most of the day they sleep and just like us we are sluggish when we wake. When I opened the door I heard them chirping and I gave them all a little rub on their backs to wake them and currently they are in my shirt on my living room floor their crops full and cussing at me for not have my head down so my neck is on them. Haha! They all are like pigs though the other stripped one need a little nudge to show the food was there but once he found it he went at it. It's this normal behavior for only three or four day old chicks?

So they are gold sebrights? Awesome. They are all outside now enjoying the very nice weather and whenever my bantam rooster was little just days old he would be running around one second then the next second he'd be falling asleep! That's what these guys are doing. Soul is a bit smaller compared to the two chubbiest ones Mango and Pharaoh, but he is still drinking. He wasn't eating much so I felt his crop and it felt pretty full so I'm not extremely worried. He is picking at the sand/grass right now while big old Mango popped a squat and is napping. Is this all normal behavior?

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