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Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by Duckoose, Jan 22, 2013.

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    ... Eventually. I plan on owning chickens when I move into my own house in a year or two.
    I really admire Naked Necks, my boyfriend had one in California before he moved here and she was a doll!
    What is your favorite chicken breed, and would it be good for a first time owner? I' m doing my research in advance so I don't risk making mistakes.
    Also, should we get chicks or adults first? We don't plan to incubate eggs or anything.
    He had 17 chickens in California with his parents, we plan on owning 4-5 here.
    Any non- brooding breeds? :) Thanks for any response.
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    There are so many breeds to choose from and each have their own unique combination of characteristics. Some are more broody, some are egg factories, some lay coloured eggs... Why don't you have a look through the breeds section here:

    and this breeds chart:

    and see what appeals to you? I don't have a favourite breed, I have a small mixed breeds flock, but I bought some Leghorns a few weeks ago and I'm quite happy with them. They are friendly, they lay like mad and I hear they don't go broody often. Rhode Island Reds are also a great breed. My RIR hen is absolutely adorable. Those are 2 breeds I can recommend, but like I said, they are all different. You may find something better suited to what you need and want.

    I find raising chicks works for me as it allows me to really bond with them and I really love chicks, but they are more work and more hands-on, whereas POL (point of lay) pullets will be easy and will lay much sooner. If you have time to take care of chicks and don't mind the extra hassle and long wait for eggs go for it. They are more fun! Otherwise get older chickens. From a financial point chicks will cost less to buy and raise than buying in POL of pullets though.

    Have a look at the Learning centre here:

    See what you need to do for chicks vs older hens and then decide. Whichever way you go, have fun with your chickens. They are amazing little creatures. And if you need help or have questions ask us. We're here to help.
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