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    Ok I know what my black sexies are but what are black or red stars? Are they sex links by another name? What other sex link breeds are out there?

    Be kind I am easily confused!!
  2. speckledhen

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    Yep, they are sexlinks. Also, you have Golden Comets, Cinnamon Queens, etc. There are also gold sexlinks as well as black and red.
    This will explain it in more depth:

    Those are the usual sexlinks but you can also create a sexlink with a barred bird. I have several pullets whose mother was a Barred Rock and father was a Cochin/Silkie cross. They had one brother-he got the barring from his mother's side and a poufy crest on his head from his father's side. He looked just like a Barred Rock cockerel with a pouf. His sisters have the pouf, but no barring because they inherited traits of the father. They are solid black, two of them with gold in the hackle area-another trait from their father. The barring is the linked trait-boys from mothers, girls from fathers. That is truly oversimplified, but you get the idea.
    I also got a sexlink out of Silver Phoenix sire and Barred Rock mother. ALL cockerels had ghosty barring like a badly barred BR pullet. The one pullet was solid black with the body type and tail of her Phoenix father.
    It would not work the same if the father was barred since he would contribute barring to both sexes rather than just the boys as would happen if the mother was barred. Again, oversimplified, and I'm no genetics expert, by any means.
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    Man, I can't wait until I live some place where I can breed chickens. The genetics of chicken breeding are fascinating. I love all the interesting things people know about and are willing to share. Some time I'll have the place in the country, and the first thing I'll do is get a beautiful roo. I want one like Suede. You always have good info, Speckledhen

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    Well, Karen, all you have to do is get some hatching eggs from my big blue baby and his ladies and you'll have one, LOL. Suede thanks you for the compliment. We had to look him over because he was acting like he had something in his foot and the entire time, he was the calmest boy sitting in my lap with my arms around him. He lets me pet him and talk to him and really seems to like having his earlobes and wattles rubbed.
    The genetics possibilities are endless with chickens, but it does take time and lots of pens to keep everyone separate. I should own stock in Red Brand fencing, LOL.
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    Suede is a beauty !!!

    My 13 year old has been trying to find a orpinton roo since she seen him!

    can you make a sexlink with a barred roo?
  6. speckledhen

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    can you make a sexlink with a barred roo?

    Not to my knowledge. I believe the barred one has to be the hen, but as I said, I am no genetics expert. I did consult one when I got my Barred Rock rooster, Hawkeye, about what I would get mating him with my several breeds. All chicks would be barred in some way if the rooster is the one with the barring.​
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    I am going to have to keep up with all of you and this crossing thing... I have no idea what I am going to end up with, with all of mine [​IMG]

    Cynthia... I want some of your blue babies... but I don't have a bator [​IMG]

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    Quote:HEY I THINK THERE IS A LINE,go ahead you can get in front of me I'm still debating the incubator thing,

    Question for Speckledhen if a hen goes broody how long will she stay that way?? Dont want to get eggs then have her stop sitting.
  9. speckledhen

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    You're asking me to guess what's in a hen's mind, LOL? There's no way to tell how long she'll stay broody, especially if you have a first-timer. I think once she stops laying her own eggs and sits tight overnight instead of going to a roost with the others, you probably have no more than a month till she quits, 21 days plus a few extra. After all, if you can get a hen to hatch guinea eggs, she has to sit for about 28 days. It's just a gamble you have to take, I guess.
    Tes, you can make a bator from a styrofoam cooler or buy one for not that much $$$. DH bought me a circulated air Hovabator with turner for, I think, about $135, but then he made one that also works well.
  10. WindyOaksYokes

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    Jul 17, 2007
    Central Virginia
    Speckledhen, I asked dh if he would make me a bator... said he would [​IMG] now I will just have to wait and see if he does

    I can't wait to start crossing my different breeds to see what turns out... thats still going to be sometime down the road since I still have to wait til these girls are old enough and I have to build a seperate coop and run to keep them contained so I know what is crossed and whats pure.

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