bring him in or not? (bullying)


Nov 9, 2020
So if been watching my quail outside and my bigger male is bullying the smallest quail in the flock. I'm honestly not sure if it's also a male but given big boi's attitude I'm leaning towards another male

The little guys is half the size of the others and is constantly outside the coop where the heat lamp and food are. Just in a few minutes of watching iv seen him approach the door only for the male to pop out and chase him away twice.

I'm worried hes not eating enough. And giving were going into the coldest part of the year here in chicago I'm wondering if I should bring the bean in and keep him in my room for the worst of the winter.

Would it only make things worse reintroducing him later? What if I bring him in for just a week, maybe two and try to fatten him up?

He was the last to hatch as well and nearly didnt make it. I had to do 90% of the work for him. Maybe hes just a runt?
I dont mind him being a house quail if hes maybe just not cut out for the great outdoors
If you plan to reintroduce him later, it might be harder. I would separate the bully out for a day or two and see if that makes him less aggressive towards the small one. If that works, great, if not, then you can bring him inside if you have to.

Quail are social creatures, though, so your little guy isn't going to be happy alone. If you do bring him in, bring some buddies in too.
Is that 2 males and 5 females? The ratio for your best chance at harmony is 4-5 females for each male.

I know. These were my first batch I hatched out. I was going to wait till spring to hatch and add more. If I incubate more now they'll be at 6 weeks in the coldest part of the year. I want to wait till at least the end of February before I try it. I'm lucky i ended up with as few males as i did i figure.

I suppose I could go get a few adults from someone and add them. But i also dont want to risk exposing anyone to disease before it warms up a bit.
Alright update time. I'm bringing him in. I was out there today watching them with my neighbor And big boi grabbed the little one by the throat and dragged him around the pen screaming twice before I could break it up. Hes gonna end up dead if I keep him outside. Ill bring one of the girls in with him to keep him company. So itll be two inside and 5 outside. Not the greatest of ratios but until I can get more birds I'm going to have to make it work.

This is where the inside kids will be staying till spring

My neighbor Is talking about taking him as well, so I might give him to her to baby, but will see.

Baby has been caught and is in the inside pen now. Getting a closer look at him I can see hes missing hunks of feathers. Big boi was really doing a number on him.

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