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    Aug 11, 2014
    Okay all- I have 15 girls and 1 friendly rooster- they are almost a year old. Can someone advise on the best way to bring home a new flock (2 days old)?
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    Oct 7, 2014
    Bring em safety. :hmm
  3. Will you be brooding them indoors or out? If you will be brooding them with your existing flock it would be best to have them in an enclosure where they can see one another but not get to one another.

    If they were hatched in the presence of other chickens it is advisable to quarantine them for approx. A month. This means keeping them where they don't share the same air.

    Hope it goes well.
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    It's usually extremely difficult to integrate chicks with adults. Also, mixing ages can be a problem for disease.
    It's best to integrate like numbers and like sizes. So you would be best to have a place where you can grow them out well removed from your flock.
    Being able to see each other makes them aware of their presence but won't eliminate the fights when they are finally occupying the same space.
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