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    Greetings All.

    The coop should be done tomorrow and we will be bringing the red star hens home saturday. They are currently laying at their current location. Will they stop laying for a time coming to a new home?

    If the hens lay during the day when I am at work are they still good to eat if I cant collect them till I get home?


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    I am very new to this as well, but we just brought home some laying hens (between 7-9 months old) on friday, and we have had 3 eggs total. I think the stress of moving may slow them down until they figure out that it is a safe environment for them to lay and they are comfortable enough to do so. we were told it could be 2-4 weeks until they are on a predictable schedule of laying. but right now they are getting used to being around each other because they were not in the same runs at the place we purchased them. and they have to establish the pecking order, and who will be the boss. I can't wait until I go out there everyday and have eggs.
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    They will probably slow down or stop laying for a bit after you get them home.

    Yes, eggs that are not collected until the end of the day should be fine for eating. I keep my eggs in a basket on the counter, and only refrigerate if I have to wash any or if they are cracked. I've never had a bad one yet.
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    When my chicken was being pecked, I brought her in and put her in the bathtub with a 2x4 across the rear of the tub for a perch, a nest box of hay in the middle, and food/water in the tub near the drain. Despite the unfamiliar surroundings she laid right on schedule. She was in there for a couple days.
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    [​IMG] I agree with the other posts.

    Quote:Most likely they will stop laying for awhile. It could be for a few days up to around a month.

    If the hens lay during the day when I am at work are they still good to eat if I cant collect them till I get home?

    As long as you don't wash the eggs and wash the bloom off you can keep eggs on the counter up to a month. Mine don't usually last that long. Once you wash them you must refrigerate them. I have never had one go bad. If I find any rather brittle or cracked shells (rarely), I put them in the freezer and use them for baking. I have eaten them too and they were fine. I just peel off the shell when they are frozen and put the eggs in a dish to thaw out. [​IMG]
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    What's your definition of rooster. I was thinking eggs. Haven't heard this before. April fool?????? I am typing it right.
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    dont worry you arent losing your mind. E G G S- are coming out rooster and A P R I L F O O L S is coming out BYC member.

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