Brinsea 20Advance or EX... temperature setting question ?


9 Years
Nov 1, 2010
New Hampsha
Temperatures issues with my new Eco20 Advanced, I set the temp in the digital display to 99.5F, but I am only getting 97 to 98F readings at/below egg level. I am using a Brinsea spot check which is suppose to be the most accurate digital thermometer out there, also verifed with a couple other thermometers. Now I have the Advance digital display set to 100.6F, and I am finally in the 99F range at egg level.

Have you tested your digital temp display on your brinsea, how accurate as it been?
Maybe this measurement is at or near the top of the incubator, but at egg level I am
getting temperatures a degree or more below what the display is reading.

What have your results been, have you done any of the calibration show in the
manual for temp or humidity ?

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