brinsea eco vent

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11 Years
Nov 25, 2009
How open/closed is your vent hole on the brinsea octagon eco during lockdown and hatch?? I plan on keeping it all open but I will put a straw through it and have a sponge on the bottom so I could add water as necessary. Is that okay? Oh and for my last hatch, the first 2 days of lockdown had about 70% humidity but on the actual hatch date it was 50%. Is this common for you to have to open the bator during lockdown to up the humidity? Water doesnt last long in the bator! lol
You have a good plan with the straw, that's what I did and had really good hatches. When I got lazy in other hatches I would just open it to add water or a paper towel or something and hatches were not as good.

The instructions say to keep it at at least 1/3 open during lockdown/hatch. Keeping it all the way open is fine, they need the o2 anyway. You can adjust it also as long as you're staying fairly consistent and always 1/3 open. Good luck with your hatch!
I leave mine open and have done the straw/sponge thing (except I use a clean paper towel).
After watching the broodies stroll on and off the nest, though, it makes me wonder if we really have to be so careful. Just haven't decided...

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