Brinsea Octogon Pro 20 DX Precision Incubator

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Brinsea Octogon Pro 20 DX Digital High Performance Egg Incubator
Here for sale we have a Great Brinsea Product hold 24 Hen Eggs and has a Digital Temprature Reading.
It is in excellent condition and works brilliantly and has held temp at 37.5C very well (tested for a few days running)
Incubator comes with Yellow Bottom tray, Clear top Lid; fully working, Black Egg Basket 4 Dividers, 4 Foam cusions and Basket foam.
I decided to make a quick video of the incubator so you can see it holding temp for a period of time and get a better look at the item

Price includes Postage

PPG Only
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pm me your location and I will get a quote for you on postage

although postage would have to be payed for international

please note this is in Centigrade and runs off 230V so a step down converter will be needed 230v - 110v
I'm in Kentucky. I'll have to look up the converter thing. Not sure I understand exactly what I'll need. So, I can't just plug it in to my outlet?

that's right but that one is opposite you need Use UK products in USA

you need the 230v to 110v converter for UK to USA

something similar to this one

the Postage with insurance and 5 working day delivery time is £45

what I will do is reduce the price of the incubator by £25

so that's £125 + £45 = £170 Delivered to USA

If that's OK lemme know and we can proceed further
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