Broke my broody?

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9 Years
Jul 10, 2010
One of my hens went broody 6 days ago for the first time. I knew she could leave the nest if moved but we didn't have any other options so this evening my husband and I moved her and her eggs to a dog house in a sectioned off corner of the run. She spend the next two hours pacing, trying to get out into the run and back so the coop so I barricaded her in the dog house for the night. Its pretty warn today (80 or so this evening), but should two hours off the nest be a problem? Also curious of more veteran owners of broody hens think she'll continue to sit. Any ideas or suggestions?
Thanks. That's good to hear. Here's the update. She was sitting on 4 of the 6 eggs when I let her out of the dog house to eat this morning. The other 2 were cold so I threw them away. as soon as I let her out she started pacing away. She did this for a half hour. I knew the only way she would stay in the dog house was to be locked in and was worried she wouldn't sit on the eggs, or at least not all of them anyway. I decided to let her out of the caged off area and she made a bee line back for the coop and back up in her nest. So I gave in! Moved the 4 remaining eggs back in with her and she sat all day. Definitely still broody, but obviously a chicken who is very committed to "her" nest. How I guess ill let her stay there and figure something out at hatch. We will see...

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