Broke upper beak for Rooster.


5 Years
Oct 7, 2014
Hello every one. So one day before this boy managed to screw his beak.

Guess you can notice how upset he is with himself.
Only noticed it, cause he on flat surface frightened as someone would peck him in back. Afterwards he went to roost, and sit down unhealty looking.
I take him away, give liquid food, and take back only to sleep in roost in early night.

There is pretty good topic about broken beaks
But I think im not gonna glue anything there using tea bag. It holds together with blood between.
Hope its somehow gonna be good. Im not gonna let him back in coop with other ones, aint gonna mate a hen pecking her.

BTW, any suggestions? I maybe need at least some gel on it.

P.S, I cant make photos smaller. Is it my problem or forum make it ommited?
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Mr Beaks

7 Years
Jan 13, 2015
Valley Springs, Ca.
Hi GhettoRoo,
I've had this happen with a couple hens myself in the past and used the info in the same link you posted :). I was hesitant to use superglue also but tried it anyway because it just made sense. I used a tiny strip of the teabag just long and wide enough to cover the split and a bit around it, if that makes sense. I applied a thin layer of superglue to the piece of teabag and used tweezers to help place it. Of course you want to put the glue/teabag on the outside of the beak only. Hope this helps :). Good luck!

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