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    Jun 3, 2012
    My 6 year old cochin hen presented originally with maggot trouble and a foul odor. Cleaned the maggots and treated open wounds near vent that I found with Blu-Kote. Was not ever sure how the wounds occured. Her mood improved, wounds healed and appetite returned. She was able to move back into the coop and for about 5 days, she ate and drank and took dust baths with her usual vigor, despite this lingering foul odor. I couldn't figure out what was making her smell so bad--couldn't find any other broken skin and feathers were clean. Maggots became a problem again this weekend and during washing I discovered that she has chunks of old egg yolk coming out through her skin on her belly near her vent. I was able to remove 3 signifigantly large pieces of hard, yellow yolk. She went out today, ranged the front yard a bit and ate and drank, but looks depressed and is totally subdued. I checked her vent and it's totally intact and empty. She has not laid consistently for at least 3 years. She's laid 1 egg this year so far. I can't find any info on internet about egg coming out through skin. Anyone know anything? She's so important to us---we love her so much..
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    A broken egg inside a hen can cause a bacterial infection. I recommend you give her a vinegar/water flush, like a douche. Use a large syringe without a needle, mixing 1 tablespoon of WHITE vinegar to 1 quart of water. Use a syringeful of the mixture and insert the syringe into her vent and gently flush. Use about 3 or 4 syringefuls, the liquid may or may not flow out of her vent afterwards. This will help prevent bacterial infection.
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    Jun 3, 2012
    Thank you. I forgot to mention that I did that yesterday. Nothing new flushed out. Like I said, what I have found has been coming out through her skin. She looks a bit perkier today.
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    I have a chicken in real bad shape. I was gone for the weekend and had people come by to feed and water chickens. Got back Monday a was going through normal routine and one of my hens which is about two years old was not acting right. Then I noticed she smiled real bad. I looked at her vent and there are maggots all in her vent. I put her in warm water to soak her bum and noticed rotten yolk and I also noticed that shy has a giant hole under her vent now. He actually vent is dark grey and really looks rotten.
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    Put her in a tub of very soapy water (Dawn or other brand is good.) Apparently the maggots will come off in the water, and then when she is out being dried you can pick off the ones you see. She will probably need antibiotics. Please start a new post in the emergency section and you may receive more replies since this is an old thread. Here is a thread to read:
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