Broken eggs causing eggs to stick to the hen


8 Years
May 8, 2011
I have a broody hen setting on eggs for the first time. She has her own nesting box fenced out in the large chicken house. She's been setting for about a week, and I haven't messed with her at all. Today I saw a broken shell outside if the nest... I gently felt unde her and encountered a warm gooey mess. I pulled her out, and she had 2 eggs that were stuck to her feathers..l catefully pulled them of her, and pulled all the eggs out of the nest including the 2 broken eggs. I pulled dry straw back to the center of the nest. ( she had kicked the straw out down to board) then put eggs and momma back... She tucked the remaining eggs under herself.

Should I pull all the eggs clean her up and give her fresh eggs.... Or just let her keep going as is?

I also thought of leaving her another couple days then candle remaining eggs to see if they're good or not.. Then if not, start over..

Any thoughts would be appreciated
I'd wait till night fall and give the nest and eggs a clean. As bacteria will start growing over the surface of the eggs which may cause them to spoil.

It might also be necessary to wipe the hen clean with a warm damp cloth. Make sure not to let it get cold as it can stimulate them to give up on being broody.

My last hen had eggs explode under her and after i cleaned her up she didn't want any babies. :(

You shouldn't need to chuck the eggs out unless they are off. So like you said probably best to candle after a couple of day to see how they are doing. :)

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