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Help! I set my eggs a few days ago. My hen decided to move the eggs yesterday, I didnt know how she could do that without breaking them all. She left one behind, but Oh Well.
Today I went to check on her, there was a broken egg shell and dried egg yoke stuck to everything. Two eggs are stuck to the hens feathers on her belly. I could not pull them off gently enough so I didnt try. It looks like the rest of the eggs are still ok. What should I do? If I wash them off with water what would happen? Should I just leave them?


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Washing of hatching eggs is usually discouraged, but if they are really icky from yolk, they might benifit from a wash because the pores can be plugged up in the shell if it's real gooey. Might want to candle for cracked eggs too since even hair line ones can be a potential entry way for bacteria... and exploding eggs are a much stinkier mess.

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