Broken leg recovery?

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    Feb 27, 2016
    My speckled sussex hen either sprained or broke her leg from falling off her roost in the coop. She wouldn't put any pressure on her right leg and was having trouble standing. So we put her in a box and let her rest for about three days. We stabilized her leg using Popsicle sticks and medical tape and put her back in the box. By then she was getting pretty restless and wanted to stand but was having a very hard time. We ended up making sort of like a sling for her so she could be standing but not put a lot of pressure on her leg. However, after about three days of being in the sling we could tell that she was uncomfortable, so we put her back in the box and she just layed there. She broke her leg in the beginning of october and she is still recovering. Now when we take her out of the box, she doesn't put pressure on either legs and I have to hold her up so she doesn't fall over. She doesn't seem to be showing any signs of pain in her right leg but she still won't even try to stand. Is she just unmotivated or is there something else going on? Is there anyway I could get her energy back with some sort of exercises? Thank you guys so much for reading this and I hope that someone knows what to do because she seems really depressed and I don't want her to give up on herself if she already hasn't already...[​IMG]
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    I would take her to a vet for an Xray if a vet is available. Does she haveany swelling of the leg joints or sores on the bottoms of her feet? If a chicken holds a leg up and hops on the other one, I would suspect a sprain or broken bone. If they drag or try to walk on the bad leg, it could be that, but also some other problem such as Mareks disease. Mareks can cause paralysis of one or both legs or wings, among other symptoms. I would again try a sling or chicken chair to help strengthen her good leg, and give some chicken vitamins with minerals in her water or feed. Since there are so many different conditions that affect chickens, it can take some time to figure out the problem.

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