Broken leg?


Nov 1, 2015
New hampahire
My son just went to close up the meat birds coop and he found one hobbling on this leg. They r 6 weeks old today. They r rangers is there anything I can do for her for now
It's hard to tell if it's broken, slipped tendon or possibly the beginning of a leg bone deformity like Valgus Varus or a Rotated leg.

I understand that she is a meat bird, but I'm assuming you want to try to get her to butcher size. Caging her and lessening her activity will hopefully promote healing if it's an injury. Provide her with poultry vitamins contain B2(Riboflavin) or crush a human B-Complex vitamin and add it to her feed.

Splinting guide

Good information on various leg issues

Info on leg/skeletal disorders
poly vi sol without iron.... will help healing...
there is also vet wrap you can get ... to bandage the leg....
I believe you go with the natural bend of the leg.... I'll try to look it up....
I'd put her by herself and confine her to a small space, where she can't move about too much.... so as to give the leg a rest.... and of coarse add food and water...and the poli vi sol .... add it to the end of the beak ... mine take it pretty easily... usually..!

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