Broken leg


6 Years
Apr 29, 2013
We have a hen who was hurt several weeks ago. We separated her to keep her from getting hurt any further. I had seen a couple of the other chickens jumping on her back at different times and she would move away. The last time that happened she didn't move, squacked and I shoe'd them off. That was when I figured out they had hurt her. She is a smaller breed. I don't really know what she is. She is white. lol The others are the black/white kind. And we have a few all black kind. We bought them all at auction. As newbies we have no clue but were learning. lol

Yesterday I went to tend to her and noticed she is now carrying the leg out behind her. Before she would keep it under her, both legs drawn up. She eats, drinks and poops like crazy still. I just move her around and wash her bum off every couple days.

What should we do with her? My husband said its time to let her go. She 4 months old. Can they learn to walk with one leg? Have eggs and such? She is my sons chicken and I hate to have to put her down.

Thanks for any help.

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