Broken or Sprained Duck's Leg! Help!


5 Years
Apr 25, 2014
To get ready for a show I put my young Muscovey drake in an extra large dog crate. He settled right down so I left him alone. I just went back to check in him and he won't put any weight on one leg!!!

I need help finding out if it is broken or sprained.

If it is sprained he will be kept in a small pen until it heals.

...but if it is broken...he will probably be culled... he is my best looking drake but not worth the cost of having a vet fix his leg.

If there is something I can do to help him fully recover I will but if he won't fully recover I would rather know now and put him in the freezer then have him limping around in pain then just die anyways.

He is lying down and holding the leg out behind him with the foot curled. I will try and get some pictures but I am home alone and can't hold him and take pictures.
He isn't holding his foot curled anymore.


I can't see anything wrong with the actual leg. I think the problem is in his hip. I am having a hard time getting a picture because he keeps covering it with his wing and hissing at me.
Update: My Hubby and I decided to give him one day to see if he improved or got worse. He improved so he was given another day. Today he is standing up and putting weight on both legs. I think he is still favoring one but it is a definit improvement!
Having a similar issue. Thinks it's a sprain or bad bruise maybe a pulled muscle. My vet said you can give ducks Advil, 25-40mg for a 6-8 lb duck or children's Advil 1.5 ml for same sized duck twice a day. Good luck
Good luck with your duck too.
I have him in the dog cage still with a thick bed of shavings and straw and food and water put right in front of him so he doesn't have to move around if he doesn't want to.

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