Broken spur

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  1. Bec

    Bec THE Delaware Blue Hen

    Today I went outside and saw LOTS of blood everywhere and immediately started looking for a body or something in the yard..thinking there was some sort of night attack. But nothing was to be found. [​IMG]

    My 6y/o daughter noticed that the back of my oldest roo's foot was bloody, so I looked and sure enough, his spur was dangling. I took it off. It is not bleeding anymore and he was "dancing" just fine, but will it ever grow back? He only had 1 to begin with and now his manhood is!

    We have it in our window sill now....only chicken people would understand!
  2. al6517

    al6517 Real Men can Cook

    May 13, 2008
    Good to hear it's quit bleeding, and yes it will grow back no problem.

  3. Bec

    Bec THE Delaware Blue Hen

    Ok good! He is my favorite and I don't want anything to happen to him!

    It was a good 2 inch spur!

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