Broken wing I think?

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    Sep 2, 2009
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    Ok lately if its not one thing or another... I feel like a bad mom.. Anyhow this isnt a "chicken" Question but I figured this really isnt breed specific and on the Guniea board it seems like nobody answers. So I thought this guy ate rat poson cause it was flopping around and lethargic laying down not getting up. doing real odd things. So here it is almost a week later. I put him in a dog crate and we were getting him out giving him vitamin K shots twice a day etc. Well he is doing MUCH better put my hand in the cage and now he tries to peck it off. He is standing more then laying and being a bit of a pain. I think he is almost ready to go back outside. BUT I think his wing might be broke. The one hangs by his side and droops its not tight to his side and is much lower then the other. What can I do how would I "fix" it? Oh and in the one pic his eye looks hazy he must have closed it as the flash went off cause you can see in the other pics his eyes are clear!Here are some pics please dont mind his hospital room the janitor got busy with a sick human and giving away some Roos that it hasnt been cleaned yet. She will be working over time and probably getting pecked to clean the room lol!!


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    You could fold it the right way and wrap a cloth around him to hold it right. I've never dealt with broken bones so I'm not sure.

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