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    I don't have time to do a search so hoping I can get some help and tips for my Brinsea octagon Advance with turner.Its winter here so keeping humidity to 30-35℅ for the first 18 days has been hard,have to keep adding water everyday.Worried about lockdown and keeping it at60-65℅.I may just have to break down and buy the humidity pump that goes with it but hate to spend that much money.What do u all do to keep it up for the last few days so I don't have to open to keep adding water.This is my first hatch in this after having styrofoam gators.Thanks
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    You can add water to the channels, and then use an absorbent cloth / material (with part of the cloth submerged in the water in the channel) as this will increase the surface area from which moisture can evaporate, hence bumping up the humidity. A sponge would work also.
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    I use sponges.
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    I see I spelled Brinsea wrong,lol, Thanks everyone for your replies,someone suggested using Viva paper towels in the wells,going to give that a try this time,if it doesn`t work then the sponges next time
  5. silkie Me Me

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    Dec 27, 2016
    They are in lockdown with the viva paper towels,56% is as high as I can get it so that will have to do,I think it well be fine

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