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    Oct 27, 2014
    hi everyone I have a 4 month old Cornish x Rock hen from a chick factory. now she is a beautiful and healthy hen, but now in the mornings she makes sounds like a sitting hen. I know she is two young, but she really sounds like a broody one. My questions is that if that is possible. (sorry if i used wrong the term "broody" or "sitting", i used google translate, i wanted to say "gallina clueca" from spanish).
    and another question she is becoming like a dalmatian dog, some feathers are becoming black (she doesn´t have so many, but they´re appearing) and I was told that those birds are only white (because of the pure breeds crosses), so that is making me doubt about if she is a Cornish X Rock, the other male I have is completely white and is big as hell and do not have feathers in the "tail" and his feathers are in bad shape, but the female feathers are shiny and healthy and she is not too heavy.

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    Could you put up a picture of her, and one of her being broody?

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