Brood, Flock, Clutch, Peep. When to use them


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I was having a discussion with a coworker this morning and he referred to my 6 chickens as a Flock and I said i think its called a Brood.

I did a little Google searching and I'm still a little confused.

So tell me if I'm wrong....

Flock seems to refer to a group of any birds. I guess Flock is the Generic term?

Brood seems to be chicken specific what what i can find. I'm thinking adult chickens specifically

Clutch and Peep usually associated with younger non-adult chickens.

I haven't found anything that is gender contingent.
Im not really sure, but I think that a brood is referring to a group of chicks and a flock is referring to a group of adult chickens.
A flock is an adult group of birds, or multi-age bird group. They will have a pecking order established. You will 'see' a flock develop after you add new birds to an established group.... a flock is an established group.

A brood, refers to a group of same age chicks, either in a brooder, or with a broody hen. If they are raised with the flock, they will become part of the flock within a very short time.

A clutch is a group of eggs. In that natural state, a hen will hide a nest, laying an egg in it each day, until the clutch looks right to her, at that time she will go broody and set on the clutch of eggs and incubate them.

When chicks first hatch, they peep.... so very young chicks are often called peeps.

Hope this helps

Mrs K
It very much does. Thanks for the clarification.

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