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    for some reason i cant reply tp posts. That has nothing to do woth the topic, just dont want anyone to think they are getting the iggy. so i started my first flock, collected a ton of eggs. Birds are healthy, life is good. Then one day i saw my roo trying to top a hen. After he caught and topped her, she ran like it was not consentual. I then noticed she never ran with the rest of the birds. One night she did not come home. After two days of searching i found her on her hidden nest. She sat four days then abandoned it. Think i actually have a few chicks growing with a half arsed homemade bator from my first efforts at candling. Questions on that later. Anyway another hen sat her first nest with poor results, rat snake ate some eggs and some never hatched. Also i think she allowed other chickens to lay her nest well after she began sitting. However she was dedicated. The question, finally. Is it safe toassume she will always be a good broody. And how many clutches will she sit a year?
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    I wouldn't say it's safe to assume she'll always be a good broody. However, she has the trait, so it's more than likely she will be.

    How many clutches she'll raise is really up to the individual bird. I have a silkie that makes a living being broody. She hatches and raises chicks for about four months, then she lays a couple of eggs before going broody all over again. My other silkie has yet to go broody.
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