brood of unfertilized eggs


7 Years
Nov 17, 2012
My hen started to brood a few weeks ago. I always checked under her to gather any eggs that might be there. We do not have a rooster, so any eggs would not be fertilized. My husband has been gathering eggs and did not check under her the last 4-5 days. I just found abut 8 eggs from the other hens underneath her. They were warm to touch. Are these eggs any good after her keeping them warm for 4-5 days?


7 Years
I'd think they'd be fine, but if it was me I would throw them out. But, then again, I have so many roosters I just wouldn't want to take any chances with finding "something".

As long as they are unfertilized though I don't think you would have any problems eating them. It would just be a matter of whether or not you're comfortable with eating eggs that have been warm for 4-5 days. (Personally, I'd be a little grossed out, but I would still eat them.)

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