brooder box size for 15 chicks?

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by kimmerjo, Aug 16, 2013.

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    May 15, 2013
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    What size brooder should I build for 15 chicks? I would like to build it big enough so they can stay in it until they are ready for the coop. My dh is having an issue with keeping them in the house....all well to bad :)so I have an area in my laundry room that is about 2x5 will this be big enough?
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    Think that Storey's guide says at 0-4 weeks 1/2 square foot each, 4-8 w 1sq foot, 8-12 weeks 2 sq feet... It also depends on what breeds you have, their size and temperament. So you'd probably be OK for a month or so with ten square feet, but they will be jumping all over the place by then. Usually when they are really small some crowding isn't that big of an issue, but with some breeds when they hit a month or so old, they will really start picking on each other if they are crowded.
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    I started with a the biggest plastic bin I could find and put the bin in the bath tub and then hung the heat lamp from the shower curtain rod. Once they feathered out, I moved them to the 4X4 coop which had a wired door that I could close up at night and secure them with the wooden outer door but since they were feathered out and I live in Florida and it is HOT here. They were fine out doors and I had 25. The do smell bad inside and make a lot of messes. I had to clean up after them daily. It was better once they moved outside. I learned the hard way though once I started letting them out of that coop into the run that they were too small and my outdoor cats stalked and hunted a few of them. I also blocked off the nesting box until the chicks were old enough to start using it to lay eggs. I stored all of their feed inside. [​IMG]



    [​IMG] It was just a simple pallet coop. I have used this a few times to raise bitties.

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    Define "ready for the coop". Do you mean when they're feathered at 6 weeks? Or when they're big enough to go in with older hens, more like 12-14 weeks? big difference.

    If it's the 6 week age, you'll need at least a square foot each. I know, they look so tiny when you get them, but they grow fast and need space. They always need space to get out from under the heat lamp, and as they grow they get behaviors if they're overcrowded. So no, for 15 birds you don' t have enough space. You might want to look into brooding them outside. I never brood chicks in the house--all that dust--yuck [​IMG] and they do just fine. Mine are in the barn, but in a garage or even the coop would work well, with the correct set up.
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    May 15, 2013
    western new york
    Yes six wks these will be my first chickens .I want them in the house so I will have to find a place for them. Closet.... Second bathroom... Somewhere safe..hmmm will have to think. thank you everyone
  6. Wisdom that comes from experience. [​IMG]

    Lay down a sheet of 4x8 cheap OSB. That's how big it will need to be.

    Brood in the shop, garage, shed or barn. Never in the house. Never, ever. We've got almost 5 weeks of "summer" left.

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