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    Mar 30, 2012
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    Tired o fthe little feeders i had for my larger babies inthe brooders and sick of buying more so put these together less than 5 minutes.
    All you need is a;
    Gallon water bottle ,
    plastic coffee can
    large butter lid
    a screw and a nut if you have one to fit(.i did for one not the other)
    Cut 2 holes in the bottom of the coffee container on one either side
    .cut the rim off the butter lid off (you need this lid as the water bottles I have have a raised center so the coffee can wont sit even.
    Cut down the water bottle. to about 2 inches tall

    I use a steak knife for all this and an awl for the holes in the center of the coffee can, the butter lid and plastic bottle.Easy if you set them over the hole in your sink and then jab the awl thru
    Screw a screw up into the water bottle,butter lid and then the coffee can.
    Can use a rock in the bottom of the coffee can inside to make it heavier as it will move around i as it get more empty... or not
    Fill with a pound of feed and put the lid on....DONE .. .
    price ZERO. Or price of one screw..maybe a nut
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    Dec 5, 2012
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    good idea. thanks for sharing

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