Brooder Finished (pics)


11 Years
Apr 22, 2008
Shelbyville, KY
I finished the brooder last night and the chicks should arrive tomorrow! Brooder is 4' x 3.5' and 20" tall inside. I hope that will hold 28 chicks?? I'm getting a mix, some Corn X and some B.O.

It looks nice. You obviously put some thought and work into it.

I have not raised Cornish Cross at all, let alone mixed with standards. There may be issues there. I just don't know.

I kept 28 chicks (breeds in my signature) in a brooder that was 5' x 3'. At 4 weeks, it was about time to move them out into something bigger.

Have you put a thermometer in there to see what temperatures you get in the brooder? The 90 to 95 degrees Fahrenheit for the first week is a range, not a set in stone law, so you do have a little leeway with that, but they do need it fairly close. I found with mine that some preferred it a bit on the cooler side. None wanted it warmer. I'd suggest moving the lamp to one end of the center section instead of dead in the middle. That way you will get more uneven cooling in the brooder so they can better seek out their comfort zone.
Thanks, I havent even turned on the lamp yet. I just set it there for the pic, but I'll try the placing it on one end idea. I dont know how the meat and egg birds will mix, but hopefully they can get along for a few weeks before I can seperate them into coops.
That looks like what I need for my packing crates/ future brooders!!

I have three so I can brood many chicks to feed this addiction
Looks good! It appears to have an open bottom and a slanted poop board underneath, is that what I see there??

The only suggestion I would make is to turn on the light and check your temperatures for a couple of hours, and fine tuning the height of the lamp before the chickies go in.
No, its just a wood bottom covered with vinyl. I think the vinyl pattern threw you off. No poop boards, I'll save that option for the main coop. I'll try the temp testing though.

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