Brooder in the garage?


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Aug 4, 2016
I'm wanting to build a brooder for the garage. Basically I'm over having a 4ft tough in my house

I feel pretty comfortable with being able to keep the chicks warm and how to build. My main question is, if I were to hatch during the warm months, when the outside temps are 90+, I have no idea how hot it gets in the garage. Could it get too hot? They definitely would not need a heat source. I'm more worried about if they need an ac source!
Why not take the temp in the garage, using a thermometer, on a hot day? If you have any windows, maybe open them, but bear in mind that you will have predator proof them. Once you have an idea of temperatures, the easier your decision.

You may wish to read on brooding chicks outdoors. The "mama heating pad" thread is a good source.
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The brooder will be predator proof for sure. I've done some reading but everything I've found only refers to keeping them warm not making sure they aren't too warm. I guess I don't know how warm is too warm for chicks (1 day+) and I haven't found any info on that subject. I definitely don't want fried chicken! I will check out that thread though, thanks :)

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