Brooder in the garage?


11 Years
Sep 15, 2008
Big Sur, CA
So my hubby is looking at me with evil eyes now that ducklings are hatching each weekend and are all living in our guest bathroom until they are sold or big enough to go out into their part of the coop (about 2 weeks). So he wanted to know if i could build a brooder good enough for newly hatched chicks/ducklings for the 1st 2 weeks that could be in the garage. I've always keep them in the house in a box, so I need can I build it to keep them warm enough in the cold garage?
p.s I want them close to the house, not all the way out in the coop, while they are learning to drink/eat and might need more attn...
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You can make something like this

I use boxes and have them in the one car garage. I just keep adding as they grow...I think I'm up to five rows now and I'll add two more rows this week. Just cut doorways from box to box. It's cheap, the boxes are only $1.27 at Home Depot. The downside is all the dust those little buggers kick up!

But I have to add that the coldest it has been here is around 30 and only for a couple of nights. Mostly it's been in the 50's/60's at night.
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