brooder light and hatching chickens.

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    Sep 28, 2015
    This is my 1st attempt at hatching babies. Unfortunately I can't afford an incubator. So I set up a tote and brooder lamp. I have one that is like this.[​IMG]
    I can hear it chirping, and see it moving. Does it need help or just let be? This us day 23.
    I have 2 others that haven't piped yet, but you can hear them in the eggs and see the egg move.
    Also will a spider hurt my baby chick?
    This is a pic of the spider. I am trying to be out around when the chick fully starts to come out so I can record a video for my boys.
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    Hi :welcome

    Some of the membrane is looking a little dry on the pipped egg do you have any way of controlling the humidity? They need humidity to be able to get out of the egg. Naturaly under a hen the egg would have humidity produced by her as she sits on the eggs. An incubator would be the same as you control the humidity. You could wrap the egg in warm wet paper towel but be careful not to cover the pip hole where the chick is breathing.
    What stage has the egg got to now?

    As for the spider, is it a poisonous one? If it was or is I would remove it. But if not the chick/s would likely eat it.

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