Brooder Light??


12 Years
May 29, 2011
Good Evening, I have my first offical question. I have 12 - 8:)wk. old chicks. They have been housed in their new coop for the last week & a half and are thriving well. My question.....Do I still need the brooder light (infra red/250 watt) in the coop? The coop has good eventalation and two good sized windows. The past evenings have been in 60's but tonight it is suppose to remain in the 70's. Do I still need the light to prevent the chicks from seeing red if they should decide to bully one another.....I believe pecking order is already established. As far as heat, they definately don't need it.....lower wattage bulb perhaps. Replys welcome and appreciated!!
I agree they do not need the light for heat. I take mine away at 4 to 5 weeks after they are fully feathered out, sometimes in conditions a lot colder than yours.

By now, yours have established a basic pecking order. They'll work on that quite a bit more as they mature, and they will work on that some as long as they are a flock, but the worst is over. I personally see no benefiit in keeping them under a red light unless you see blood on one of them. Even then, I'd expect the windows to let in enough natural light during the day that they could see the blood. I just don't see any benefit to the red light now.
Thank you for the quick reply. It's lights out. My husband didn't think they needed it any more, the warm weather has finally arrived. The pecking order seems to be figured out. As a flock they get along quite well and all perch together at night. Thank you so much and have great day!

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