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Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by Katie's Koop, Mar 19, 2011.

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    Hi there, I was just looking at some FAQs from the hatchery that we have ordered our chicks from... It says

    LIGHTING: Light is another very important component of the chick's environment. Too much light may contribute to cannibalism and depress the chick's immune system, making it more susceptible to disease. In chicks being raised for eggs, too much light may cause premature sexual maturity, poor egg production, and health problems. And in meat birds, too much light may cause too rapid growth (because the birds eat more) and result in leg and heart problems. Start baby chicks with continuous light for 4 days, and then introduce them to a day and night routine. Never turn off the heat lamps during the dark period unless you have a heat source other than heat lamps and the room is at the appropriate temperature

    We were planning on having our brooder in front of patio doors a) because it is easy to keep an eye on them and we can watch them and b) to get natural light.

    In your experience is it best to expose them to the brooder light alone? What are typical night time routines/heat sources. There's limited info available online to answer these questions.

    Thanks so much:jumpy
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    First of all, [​IMG]

    I have a regular incandescent light bulb in my brooder now and haven't had any trouble. I've also used a black light with a night light on inside the brooder during daylight hours for older chicks. I know most people use red heat lamps but I couldn't get one. Our TSC only had clear. Most chicks will freak out if it gets dark in the brooder. So some light is necessary even at night when they are small. There are lots of different ways to raise chicks. As long as you keep them warm but not too warm, they can find their food and water, and you check on them frequently to catch any problems, you should be just fine. The first chicks are always nerve-wracking!
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    Welcome to the forum! And relax, and take a deep breath!

    They will be just fine in front of your patio doors. Many people try to use a heat source that doesn't look like daylight, like a red or black heat lamp, but plenty of people are unable to do this, and the chicks still do just fine under a plain old incandescent light. People used them for years and years before some of this modern stuff was available. My newer chicks were raised in the coop by a broody, so they simply got natural daylight, and their Mama for warmth. I've never heard of having indoor lights on for 4 days. Mama hens certainly don't do this. When I brooded in the house, they were in a darkened room after dark, when I wasn't working with them. They would all be asleep if I turned on the light at, say, 10 PM, and the light would wake them, then they would settle down when I turned it back off.

    I'm sure they will do fine in whatever setup you have. If I have a caution, it is, don't let them get too warm, they are much better off a bit cool than a bit warm, and need to be able to move to a cooler place if they want to.

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