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    My chicks just went outside this weekend (6 weeks to follow) but I thought I'd post my brooder before I dismantle it. It worked great for me in every way up until my bantams were 6 weeks old. The overkill on the hardware cloth and metal shelving units (secured with zip ties to the cardboard box and duct tape at the top of the hardware cloth) was b/c I was worried about rats. I had this in my garage, but I do know rats can get in there...somehow.

    You can't see it in these pictures (sorry), but the heat lamp was suspended from the overhead rafters with an eye hook and chain (not cord). These pics were taken after a couple weeks when the chicks didn't need too much heat. When they were younger, I had the heat lamp much lower and hanging through 2 of the shelving units just inside the brooder. I was able to adjust the height of the heat lamp with an S hook through the chain links. Pine shavings over a piece of cut up sheet helped with the clean up...I just lifted the 4 corners of the sheet and lifted all dirty shavings. I only had to do that once at about 4 weeks. There was minimal mess and no smell at all. I put the feeder and 2 waterers on pieces of wood to help with the shavings getting into them. It helped somewhat with the waterers, shavings still got in there, but not as much.

    This picture was taken when the chicks were about 3 weeks old. You can see the infrared heat bulb color just out of the picture. (again, sorry I didn't have a pic of the set up)
    This box was 48" X 40" there was plenty of room for 10 bantam chicks. By the end of 5 weeks, though, I started seeing some signs that they needed more room. Putting them outside this weekend was definitely necessary.

    This last photo is right after I did see a rat run across the floor. Knowing that rats will do anything to get at something to eat, I felt I had to put very heavy things on top of the already very heavy shelving units. I know that this was probably overkill, but it helped me sleep at night.

    And that is the history of my brooder. (of course I'm dismantling it very carefully and saving everything b/c I am totally aware of chicken math) [​IMG]
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    Very creative design, thanks for sharing! [​IMG]
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    My Coop
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    Looks great!
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    awesome design -- i am taking notes .... i love the grill over the top

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