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    Jul 6, 2007
    Hey I was just checking out the thread on the brooder pics, which are great ideas. You really got me thinking about my brooder. You see my eggs are on day 17 and I have been worrying about where I am going to put them at. I have a large stock tank (like what some of the farm stores use) I also have the plastic boxes from Walmart, plus dog kennels. I really like that idea. I never would have thought of it, but I got to thinking that hopefully all 18 of my eggs will hatch. I know really wishful thinking... but you gotta try right. Anyway thinking that the dog kennel might be kinda small for that, I remembered that I have plastic feed tubs in the basement. They are about 2 ft high and about 3 feet in diameter. Would something like this work and hang a heat lamp over it? What does everybody use for the floor? I have straw that I am using in the coop, would this be ok? Since the tub is plastic will it be too slick for the chicks, should I put some chicken wire on the floor for traction? I remember that my quail babies needed traction so I would put down paper towel in the brooder. I have not raised baby chicks( except for Rocky my rooster, but poor guy thought he was a quail for quite awhile) Sorry for the dumg questions, but I need help on this really quickly. Oh yeah one more, if I use the tubs, so I can have them in the house instead of the garage or basement, like with the stock tank, what do I clean them with? Can I just hose them down or do I need a special cleanser?
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    I use the rubbermaid plastic tubs for my indoor brooder. I put corn cob litter with paper towels on top for the first week. I then hang my heat lamp on the ceiling fan chain. Worked great for me. I also cut out a large opening in the lid and covered it with screening so they had plenty of air. I keep mine in the spare bedroom which is never used. I use that new clorox anywhere cleaner to clean mine when I'm done.
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