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Mar 17, 2008
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My ducks have outgrown their first brooder and I am looking to make another one. They are growing so fast I see that they need about 3 Square foot per grown duck but I am not sure how tall to make it. Also, how long do you need to stop the drafts?


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Oct 3, 2007
Well, i am by no means an expert, but i try to stop drafts until their well featherd (i mean, they don't go outside the shed until then, but i do occasionally leave the shed door open while i haul grains and shavings in and out). Also, mine start out in rubbermaid totes for a couple days, but move on to water troughs, a large 4'x6'x2' brooder, and then they are pretty well feathered to go outside (a few weeks, depending on your weather and living conditions) Best of luck, hope this helps


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Mar 26, 2008
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I have 4 in a GQF expanded grow out box. It would probably hold 4-6 more, but no more than 10. Works well and they are getting close to 4 weeks old.


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Mar 23, 2008
We housed our day old ducklings (13 of the fast growing Pekins) in a 4x4x2 foot tall brooder with a red heat bulb. At 3 weeks they were ready to be moved into a large brooder 4x6x3 feet tall. After 3 more weeks in there they were bulging at the seams, so then they were moved into the 8x15 foot greenhouse, with our egg layers. the space was divided by straw bales, and the Pekins were at the back with a heat light.

Mind you, this was in December, January and february when it was a bit chilly in Washington.

The biggest issue is water control, and litter cleanliness.

We started them in the garage and drafts were minimized by half the top covered, and the light bulb only on one side. keep an eye on their behavior and see they are comfortable or make adjustments till they are.

Hope this helps.
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