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This was buried in my other thread. Let me ask a different question - how big of a brooder should my DH build to accommodate 15 chicks from when they come home here til they can go outside in mid-June or so? (I'm thinking it'll be mid-June when it's warm enough for them to go into their palatial accommodations we're busy building them, a 10x10' coop)? I'm getting them May 7.
If it helps, we had ours last year in a cardboard watermelon box (about 3 x 4 feet??) and with 6 chicks it got crowded by 7 weeks.... there are rules of thumb in Storey's etc but they're really more for farm-type operations, I think, and IMHO too crowded. I'm interested to hear what others say.

To your benefit, you'll only need to keep them inside for a month or so, so they won't be all that enormous!
id build a 4ftw by 4ftl by 2fth brooder.that should hold them for 5 or 6 ea chick 1ft sq ft of space.
I am new to this, but ours is a dog crate/cage outfitted with chicken wire and cardboard sides. It is 2'4" by 3'6" and about 3' tall. We'll have 16 chicks. I am thinking they'll be in it for 3 weeks, then move to the coop with heat. It is the best situation we would come up with for inside. I've seen others here do it, so I am hoping they'll be fine.

If anyone has comments, I'd love to hear them.

PM inbound!
YIKES! Sounds like my space is too you think it'll be ok for just two weeks??? Then I can move them to the brooder in the coop with lots of space.

Wow, did I mess up, i have a 2ft w x 4ft l x2ft h brooder I'm just making, perfect for when I start hatching, but possibly a bit small for my initial 20 I'm hoping to order this month, I'm off to go and work on that hen house QUICKLY. :eek:
Well, at least I'm not alone!!

I am happy to have all this good information though. Like I said, I am hoping they'll be OK for two weeks, then the weather will warm up here and I can heat the coop. At least the coop is done.

Good luck, eggonomist!!


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