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Mar 19, 2017
Number of chicks: 10
Brooder location: garage
Weather: Last week of March in SE Michigan

We are getting 10 chicks the last week of March. We will keep them inside for 1 week in a storage plastic tub. I need to make something for when they are 1w-6(or 8)w.

I have a chicken tractor outside for them to go in for 2 weeks before introducing them to our 5 chickens in the 8’x8’ coop.

What size brooder will I need for 10 chicks from week 1-6? Thank you!

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Feb 28, 2017
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My Coop
Place a thermometer in the tub in the hot end. Also have a cool end so they can escape the heat if it gets too hot. If they spend all their time on the cool end, then they are too hot and trying to beat the heat.
Don't fry them..
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for a brooder in a predator safe place.... what about a couple of cardboard boxes taped together?

Only issue is depending on breed, you might need a lid for the top to keep the chicks from hopping out.

If you have a screen door insert that will work well as a lid, and give you a great size brooder.

Do be careful with how you heat ... I really like the hot plate heaters or heating pad set ups. They are much safer than the heat lamps.

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