brooder temp for 2 day olds...below 95 ok?

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  1. 2 day old chicks are in rubbermaid tub w/250w infrared bulb. Thermometer has a sensor that's stuck to the side where the chicks are, about 5" off the floor.
    temp has been around 90 all day--started in high 90s but they were acting too hot--not staying under heat and pecking each other, agitated
    temp is now 87.5--they're acting totally normal--milling around, not huddled under the lamp, some are getting adventurous and circling around the waterer, peeping is pretty soft, not like when they first got here, they're all eating and drinking and napping and pecking around.

    Why are they so comfy at such a "low" temp? I just lowered the heat lamp (temp's dropped in the garage from the daytime temp, now that it's evening), but I don't want to overheat them.

    Are they ok? If they're cold will they act like it, or will they act normal until it's too late? I'm a first timer, and from everything I've read, their behavior is as good an indicator of the brooder temp as the thermometer. I don't want to stress them, cause them to be agitated, or increase the risk for pasty butt...advice please!???!??!?

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    I found that you should really be paying attention to their behavior rather than the thermometer. I never had my space any warmer than 90 degrees, and actually it was between 80 & 90 most of the time during the first week or so and the chicks thrived! If they are huddled, it needs to be warmer. IF they are on the edges it may be too hot. It seems like you are following their lead. Trust yourself!

    eta: Congrats on your number 7!
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    They will let you know if they are cold.
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    I had a similar situation. I got my chicks at 1 week old and when I brought them home they kept trying to keep away from the light and were panting. My light was only 150 watt I think. I raised the light as high as I could but I was paranoid that it would fall or they would still be too hot so I didn't use it. To be safe I covered the top, half was a towel, the other half was the lid placed lengthwise with a 1 inch gap along one end. They were fine! I have not used the lamp at all and my chicks are wonderfully happy.

    The little buggers are driving me crazy (in a good way) and trying to fly all over the place. They will be 3 weeks Saturday and are the 10 of the little loves of my life. I set up a dog kennel as a coop for them 10X10 and put them in today to hang out for a while. They had a blast. I could probably have left them out there as it will still be warm tonight, but like I said, I'm paranoid. I still have them in the 4X2 rubbermaid bin with a screen over the top at night, but as of this moment, they will be outside all day until they are big enough to not escape. This may not work for everyone, but the weather is really warm here and our house is WELL insulated.

    Good luck with the frizzle project!

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    Sounds right to me, we have 8 chicks....and surprisingly I just need to watch them and no the temp.....they react to what they want/need.[​IMG]
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    Behavior is everything. The chicks and poults will show you what they need. Huddled for warmth or spread away from the light and panting. It is often breed and batch dependent.

    I can't get the darn little buggers to read the rule book. I think they need glasses.

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