Brooder Temp Question? Chicks arriving tomorrow!!


8 Years
Mar 7, 2011
Raymond, NH

I'm getting my brooder ready for the arrival of my very first chicks tomorrow, want to make sure there are no glitches!

Question? Should the temperature in the entire brooder be 95 or just in the area around/under the heat lamp? I'm having trouble regulating the temperature in the brooder right now and don't want to freeze or cook the chicks.

I'm so excited for my chicks to arrive that I can hardly contain myself, I ordered them March 4th and it's been a LONG wait

Thank you
Only the area under the lamp should be 95. Being able to get out of the heat is just as important as being able to get into the heat.
i use a digital infra-red thermometer it check my temps on chicks....and yes they need to be able to move around in and out of the heat lamp.....rule of thumb is if they are huddled togather under lamp then too cold, if the are huddled against side and away from heat then too hot..... other than them holding mouth open, gasping for air because they have got too hot!!! they should run around pecking and playing lots....this means they are right temp and happy then they will fall asleep on each other....but u will be able to tell by their body language if the temp isnt right....esp after u get used to hatching lots of batches, hth!
So as long as under the heat lamp is 95 it's okay if the temperature is a little lower in other areas of the brooder- is that right?
Be a little more careful brooding in late May and June than you might otherwise be. The ambient temperatures are getting awfully warm in most parts of the country. Thermometers are OK, but the chicks are the best gauge of temperature comfort. If they pant, lift their wings, are inactive or just stand with a stressed look on their faces, they are too hot. Better to be 5 degrees too cool this time of year and than to have the overheating problem. OH, and ENJOY your experience.
Thanks Everyone! I feel a little more confident now

Oh, and I don't think I have to worry about it being too warn here in NH, today I am curled up with a blanket shivering- it's 55 out and I have pretty much forgotten what the sun looks like. Hopefully soon though we will get some warm weather. Got to love New England
hey i hv a friend in concord NH and yes it is still chilly up there,lol....thats the reason i use an infra-red laser beam therm. that way it takes the temp of the actual chick not the air space around the chick or the floor but their actual body temp.... just go on their actions.....i actually put my baby turkeys that wont b a week old till tomorrow and 2 that were born thurs outside for good yesterday!!!! of course with a heat lamp....but they are doin just fine and are actually not even under the heat lamp!!! but its 85-90 here in TN now....

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