Brooder to Coop Transition Advice Needed


Apr 6, 2020
Hey guys, could really use some advice....newbie here.... I have 7 chicks, they're 5 & 6 weeks old, silkies and bantam cochins, and I could use some advice when it comes to the brooder to coop transition.

They go out to their run during the day since it has been 20+ celcius, and come in at night since it drops down to 7c some nights still. Tomorrow I want to put them in their coop at nights but with lows like that will they be okay or should I provide supplemental heat?

Even today it's only going up to 15c with showers during the day and I'm considering keeping them in the house.... I have read that silkies with their different feathers could catch a chill, but should I leave them to start figuring this stuff out? They're coop is open to them during the day for shelter, but they don't feel comfortable going into it yet... My run is covered, but the wind blows it in sideways.

I know I'm probably overthinking it, I'm pretty attached to these little buggers and just want to make sure I'm doing my best and don't want to shock them with drastic temp changes.... but I also need to be able to go to work 😅 Thanks in advance!


8 Years
Nov 23, 2013
Northern South America
If the weather will be sunny and dry for an extended period, it might be OK, but I would recommend keeping them in the house or on the porch or some sort of protected area for a week or two longer, especially the silkies. The reason is that if a big rainstorm happens, it's really bad for the chicks.

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