Broodies everywhere!


9 Years
Feb 14, 2015
Goldendale, WA
I have 2 dedicated broodies that hatch chicks every year so we always have some young chickens. This year, 4 year old hens went broody. Then one 1/2 year old did, and a 3 year old hen went broody! What the heck? One of them was a Polish. Why all the broodiness all of the sudden. There were 2 brahmas, one went broody, raised 2 chicks, went broody again, 2 Cuckoo Marans, 1 Polish, 1 Buff Orpington and one Gold laced Wyandotte. The Buff was the 3 year old who went broody. I now have to sell all the broodies and I am attached. Plus finding eggs is a pain. I bought 8 from Craigslist, 1 hatched, I ordered some from eBay, the Post Office didn't hold them and they went out in the truck, of those 8 only 2 were viable. Anyway, I never had so many broodies!
I'm told it's contagious, which really explains so very much.

For six years, my bantams were the only ones that went broody, and they went broody regularly, hatching out several batches for me. Three years ago, I had my first broody standard hen. Then her sister went broody. Next year, I had seven standards go broody. Then eight (one went twice.) This year, I've only had four broody girls, with Psycho going twice so far.

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