Broodies ~ How many eggs have you put under them?


12 Years
Mar 25, 2007
Erda, UT
I just read in another post that someone had 25 eggs under their broody. I have had 13 before, and I thought that was a lot. What is the highest number of eggs you have had under a broody at one time??
My BA had 15 of her eggs under her and covered them all quite well. I did not put them there she just laid them all. I have had some American Game hens hatch out 15+. It all depends on the size of the hen and the size of the eggs.
A measeley five, plus a golf ball.

Obviously, I've never loaded shipped (or saved) eggs under my two girls who have gone broody.

Just thought I'd post a number at the low end for comparison.
Enough for the hen to be able to cover without any being outside of her body area. The number will depend on the breed (size) of the hen and the size of the eggs.

Under one broody bantam I had 3 bantam eggs and 12 seramas eggs. Under another broody I had 10 LF and a golf ball. It's amazing how they can spread themselves over those eggs!

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