Broodiness: Are they just playing with me????


9 Years
Jul 15, 2010
Ok so about 3 weeks ago I had a Buff Orpington (according to the Breed Index they go broody frequently) that decided to go broody and if anyone got near the nesting boxes she would scream at them like a bald eagle. I decided the day after that I would separate her and let her sit on her eggs and hatch them. The next day I walked outside to feed everyone and take care of her, and she was playing around with the other girls like nothing ever happened and the eggs were cold. What is going on? Why did she decide to go broody and then change her mind? As soon as it happens, do I have to separate her completely that day?
Of course they are playin' w/ you!
I wish I could figure out the rhyme and reason of broodiness but so far I'm going w/ "they are just messin' w/ ya".

I have a broody prison and put them in it as soon as they sit too long, but I don't want them to hatch eggs like you do.

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